Hi everyone,

Hi everyone welcome to my new blog. I am a newbie web designer and I also sell Young Living, I want to share with you some products. I use stress away which came with my kit from Young Living. I saw alot of friends starting to sell so since I want to stay home, and I am a SAHD (Stay at home daughter) . I would like to use Young Living mostly, but i recently used a cheap version of peppermint oil while undergoing cancer treatment. Because the cancer and treatments caused night sweats I used the peppermint oil to remain cool. *Disclaimer (I am not a doctor and would not recommend trying any oils without contacting your physician first, essential oils can very dangerous) 

Here is the video for the peppermint, I can imagine theirs is much better than mine, because its of better quality.

Young Living Peppermint Oil: Your Everyday Must-Have from Young Living on Vimeo.

Make sure if you want to try to purchase the peppermint oil to go to http://www.youngliving.com and sign-up with my member number 3188305.


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