It’s important how we treat others. My heart was grieved today by a family situation that arose in which i acted very poorly. Its important that even when others treat us poorly, or fail to meet up to our expectations that we not lose the ability to be like Christ. With all the vitriol today sometimes people can make us angry. But that doesn’t give us the right to hurt them. Sometimes persons season in our life is up and it is time to move on. Losing someone very special to us is hard, but if they bring more negative then positive we must not be afraid and let that person go.

Placeholder ImageAnyway. I received a treat in the mail. My LEMON from Young Living came today. God has been ministering to me with my oils. I’m not sure what its ultimately about but I know plants can heal.  I look forward to using the Lemon for cleaning and detoxing the home.



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