Suffering Servant


8 Do not enter a house where there is feasting, 
     to sit down or to eat or drink. 
9 For this is what the LORD of Armies, the God of Israel says: 
I will end the sounds of joy and happiness in this place, 
  and the voices of bride and groom. 
This will happen before your eyes, 
  and in your lifetime.
Jeremiah 16 paints a picture of what Jeremiah’s life would represent. Sorrow because the people of isreal were being punished.
Jeremiah wasn’t allowed to enter to a house of mourning or go to a wedding. I believe because it was a time of joy and because of Isreal’s sins they would not be able to enter into that joy. Jeremiah would never marry, so to spare him pain, he couldnt even attend a wedding. Sometimes God withholding from us is His mercy. Jeremiah’s circumstances were not his fault. They were a result of Israel’s sin and God’s plan.
Have you ever suffered because of another’s actions? Have you ever had to swallow a pill that you never even wanted to take?
This prophet shows us that our lives are not our own. Sometimes our troubles are for a purpose and that purpose may not have to do with us individually but other people. Others may be influenced by our suffering. Sometimes the message of our life is for others not just for us.


Sometimes it’s sad

But God is still good. Even when sadness comes. He promised a brighter day if we turn to Him and do His will.

This too will Pass


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