The non designers way to start a website company.

I have been asked by several people how i starting doing webdesign with like ZERO experience so here goes..

When I found out I had Cancer, i was at home all the time because i couldn’t work. So in between Chemo sessions i had alot of time when i had to be home because i was unable to be around alot of people.

I also like web stuff but after seeing all the FANCY SCHMANCY companies other people had i never thought i could do it.


Perfection NOT needed


One day I was on ETSY and saw persons selling really average website icons. I mean they didnt build sites but basically actually charged money for customizing WordPress blogs etc etc.  Some of the stuff was HORRIBLE and i mean they were really charging alot of money for it. I figured if they can do that, I CAN BE TERRIBLE TOO!

I had taught myself WordPress a while back and figured what have I got to lose.

ODDLY enough, my church member asked me to do her blog for her it was really basic but more than a real non design/crafty person could do. so people started asking me to do their sites. Sites that i thought were so not advanced but…they really paid me.

Having Cancer, nobody was ‘forcing me to get a real job’ so i did it to keep myself from getting depressed and i wanted to keep my mind alert.

I started with Codeacademy and Khan academy bc these are for those who are interested in building sites from scratch. And looked up, blogs on how to be a designer along with thru a library account. I used and for graphics bc both are free. I opened a etsy shop for my ‘company’ and viola, im a designer. Of coursethere’ss MUCH more than that, I will go over in my teleconference, but you can START there and maybe if you have a good eye even make some cash.

Be sure to check out my class, it will be easier to do it with everyone then listing a bizzillion sites so you guys can learn what i did. I will then make a video those who aren’t on the call can listen to and make archive class version, FREE for my pink sisters. stay tuned.


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